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Welsh Flag, 2.5” wide embroidered badge. Custom flag shape with a merrowed / overlocking border. Official flag of Wales with a red Dragon on a field of green and white.

All our flags are designed to fit together so that you can arrange them to form one large feature on your camp blanket or in a vertical or horizontal row for clothing. Why not arrange them in a line around the border of you blanket. We’ll also be adding additional flags for other countries so please let us know if you’d like specific flags for your trips.

Our Wales flag embroidered cloth badge would be perfect for Saint David's Day on 1st March or any Welsh themed event.

St. David's Day is when Wales celebrates their patron Saint, Dewi Sant or St. David who died on that day in 589AD.

The flag of Wales (which in Welsh is Baner Cymru or Y Ddraig Goch, meaning the red dragon) consists of a red dragon passant on a green and white field.