Harry & Meghan Baby (pre-order)


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To celebrate the birth of the Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Sussex first child we will be making this amazing badge which matches previous royal baby badges and celebrations.

Due to be born in April 2019, following many requests, we have decided to release the design on pre-order to allow customers to reserve their badges in the first batch of production. 

Delivery of this badges will be around 3-4 weeks after the baby is born.

This special limited edition badge is custom laser cut to the shape of a crown with the design to match our other Royal celebration badges. The crown is in the colour Lemon Yellow and features the date of his or her birth. As with our previous Louis badge we've opted for a gender neutral colour so that each baby badge is different.

  • Woven design giving high detailing.
  • 80mm x 82mm crown shape.
  • Laser cut edge to form the complicated shape.