Blank Badge (Aqua)


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Blank 3" diameter cloth badge for drawing your own design. These are great as a craft item allowing kids to create their very own unique badge.

They're also perfect for badge design competitions help to get a feel for the size and parameters of the badge while designing.

Overlocking border in Aqua; Other colours available.

We recommend the Giotto Decor Markers with our blank badges. These have been tried and tested to show they produce very little or no bleeding. They can be obtained through Baker Ross

Please note due to the type of fabric used in cloth badges which is tightly woven some bleeding can occur if using felt tip pens such as permanent markers and textile pens. This can be minimised by using quick strokes and avoiding too much ink build up. Alternatively if the badges are not meant to be washed you can use fine liners and pencils to drawn your designs.

If using an iron-on transfer it’s best to place some grease proof paper underneath as the pvc backing may become temporarily soft or melt.