Aida Badge (Circle)


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KraftBadges are our Aida cloth patches. 3" diameter with an overlocking, merrowed border. These are great as a craft you to cross-stitch your very own badge.

Aida patches are unique to BadgeFreaks® as we designed them specifically for making cloth badges via cross-stitch.

Aida is an excellent cotton fabric which is woven in blocks, giving obvious holes for the needle to enter, so it is ideal for the beginner. Fabric for counted embroidery is bought by its thread count, which tells us its fineness. So, 14-count fabric has 14 blocks or threads to each 2.5cm (1in). The more threads or blocks to 2.5cm (1in), the finer the fabric. We have found that this size is suitable for beginners, especially children*.

Cross stitch needles have a large eye and rounded point. They are also known as tapestry needles. Needle size 22 is ideal for 14ct aida fabric with a length of needle approx 40mm / length of eye approx 8.0mm. Gold plated cross stitch needles are ideal for stitchers who have an allergy to nickel. They also slide through the fabric easily and are less prone to rusting. Beading needles are slim needles with small eyes. Use these when adding beads to your design. Beads are used to enhance and decorate. Seed beads can also be used in place of French Knots.

You’ll need to provide your own threads and pattern. However patterns will be available for free download soon.

* Warning - Cross stitch involves using a needle and therefore adult supervision is recommended. Plastic needles with a blunt, round end can be used for younger children but be aware these can come in large thickness which may be too big for the cloth. Hobbycraft have a huge selection of cross-stitch patterns, needles and accessories.

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