FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum order?

Not at all. You can just order a single badge.

How much is Shipping?

For small orders postage is £1.25 but for orders of £10 or more postage is FREE.

Can I pre-order Out of Stock items?

We no longer allow pre-orders and have introduced an automated Waiting List system.

All out of stock items will have a 'Notify Us' button. This allows you to add you email address and quantity needed and we'll send you an email when they are back in stock.

Please note there is no a guarantee the item will stay in stock for long so you must act quickly, particularly with popular badges.

How long will my order take?

In stock cloth badges are sent within 1-2 working days. Pin badges are made to order and can take 2-3 weeks at busy times but we will try and get them out sooner. Please let us know if they're for a special event.

All orders are send via 1st Class Royal Mail post in a protective bubble envelope. 

Do you make custom cloth badges?

Sorry we no longer produce custom badges. We can however change the wording on any of our pin badges at no extra cost.

Do you deliver Worldwide?

Yes we deliver to Europe, US and beyond. International orders are sent via Royal Mail AirMail and a cost will be calculated for you during checkout depending on your order size and destination.

What’s the difference between Embroidered and Woven?

Embroidered badges have the design stitched onto a backing fabric and creates a raised feel to the badge. Woven is similar to how a shirt tie is created and is woven from multiple threads at once which gives a flat fell and enables a much higher detail.
None of our badges are digitally printed.

Do you provide discounts for bulk and wholesale orders?

Yes. All badges have a Bulk Discount which will shown on our bulk orders page.
Are you a Scout or Guide Shop? Contact us and we'll upgrade you to a Wholesale account offering discounts throughout the store.

Can I pay by Cheque?

Yes. We accept payments via Cheque/Check. We also accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Amazon Payments, Apple Pay and PayPal. Simply selected your prefered payment method at checkout and we'll take you through the process. For more details see our Payment Methods page.

Note: Please send us your cheque within 1 month of placing your order. If payment has not been received the badges will be released back out for sale.

Do you have a Catalogue?

Coming Soon! We're eagerly putting together our catalogue. As well as all out great badges it'll also contain helpful information and articles. If you'd like a copy please email us.

Can I return badges if I’ve over ordered?

Yes. As long as they're still in a new condition we will exchange them for store credit. For all other returns please see our Shipping & Returns page.

Can you let me know when you’ve added new badges?

Sign up to our Newsletter and you'll be the first to know about our new badges and discounts.

What size are your pin badges?

All our pin badges are 25mm diameter. That's about an inch wide. Our cloth badges differ in size so please check the product information section on each badge page.

Are your cloth badges iron-on?

Not as standard no. Unless stated on the badge details page they will be a standard sew-on badge. We find that adding an iron-on backing makes them more rigid and harder to sew-on. We have added iron-on backing to a small number of badges such as the Dove due to their difficult shape.

Our craft badges have a PVC backing to stop the risk of ink seeping through the badge - this is not to be mistake as iron-on coating particularly as many customers like to use iron-on transfer with our blank badges.

Can I order by Post?

Yes we have a Postal Order Form. Please check the website for the latest prices and current availability. Some badges may become out of stock or discontinued by the time we receive your order so please include a contact number so we can get in touch.

How do I unsubscribe from any of your mailing lists?

You can unsubscribe from our mailing list, here.

How do I use my Coupon Code?

You will be prompted to use a coupon code during the checkout process. Once entered and submitted the prices will be adjusted accordingly.


If you have any additional questions please send us an email or click the chat icon when we’re online.

Many Thanks,