At last... Alphabet Letter Embroidered Badges ūüĒ†

At last... Alphabet Letter Embroidered Badges ūüĒ†

I'm so excited to announce we now have embroidered letter badges! You can now add your name to your camp blanket or clothing using our very special embroidered letters.

So many people have been asking for these but as you can appreciate stocking 27 different badges all at once is quite an undertaking for a small family business like ours. Nevertheless we now have a full compliment of letters, each with their own unique style.

All badges are 35mm high and come with an iron-on backing for easy application. You can also wash them up to 30 degrees but don't tumble dry them otherwise the heat with re-melt to the glue!

We've also created a simple spreadsheet that you can type a whole list of names, or just one, and it'll add up the letters you need.


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